History of Providence

The Lord also gathered His Church in Canada. Many immigrants who arrived from the Netherlands in the late 1940's and early 1950's intended to find a church which they could join. It was certainly not their intention to start a separate church. Unfortunately, in spite of an earnest search to find a church which was faithful to the Bible and with which they could seek unity, no such unity could be established. Thus it became necessary to institute new reformed churches in Canada. Hence the name "Canadian Reformed Churches". These churches stand on the same foundations as the Church in the time of the apostles. This should not be taken to mean that anyone who does not belong to the Canadian Reformed Church cannot be saved. It does mean that everyone is called to seek the church which faithfully proclaims God's Word, purely administers the two sacraments, and properly exercises church discipline.

In 1950, a Canadian Reformed Church was instituted in Edmonton. Since 1981 there have been two congregations in Edmonton (Immanuel Canadian Reformed Church and Providence Canadian Reformed Church). These two congregations together with approximately 40 sister churches in Canada and the United States form the federation of Canadian and American Reformed Churches.