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 We believe that the Bible is God's inspired and infallible Word, through which He has revealed his entire counsel and will. The Bible is the final authority on doctrine and life. Through His Holy Spirit, God works repentance and faith into the hearts of believers. We confess that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is the Head of the church. Through His sacrifice on the cross, and by the grace of God, our sure salvation and the full forgiveness of our sins are attained.

The Church of Jesus Christ

We believe that Jesus Christ died for His Church, and that He gathers, defends, and preserves His Church, which has as its foundation the teachings of the prophets and apostles as found in the Bible.

The name "Reformed Churches" dates back to the sixteenth century. In Europe at that time there was great deformation in doctrine and morals within the Roman Catholic Church. The Lord Jesus Christ used men like Martin Luther and John Calvin to reform the Church, which means bringing the Church back to the foundation of the Scriptures. Since Rome would not heed the exhortation of the reformers to be faithful to the Scriptures again, churches were established according to biblical norms. Strictly speaking these were not new churches, but the legitimate continuation of the Church of Jesus Christ. Thus "reformed churches" basically means churches which are faithful to God's Word.

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