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Dec 29 Jesus commands us to listen to Scripture

by: Rev. R. Van der Woerd | Series: Luke
Scripture: Luke 16:19–31

Dec 25 The Messiah of God has come!

by: Rev. Mark ten Haaf | Series: Luke
Scripture: Luke 2:1–40

Dec 22 God becomes man in the virgin Mary’s womb

by: Rev. Richard Aasman | Series: Luke
Scripture: Luke 1:26–38

Dec 15 Our delight in Jesus Christ needs to come to expression by true repentance

by: Elder S. Kok | Series: Lord's Day
Scripture: 2 Corinthians 5:13–21, 2 Corinthians 7:2–16

Dec 15 A Song of Hope

by: Rev. Mark ten Haaf | Series: Habakkuk
Scripture: Habakkuk 3

Dec 8 The Promised Child brings laughter to Abraham’s tent

by: Elder P. Englefield | Series: Genesis
Scripture: Romans 4:13–25, Genesis 21:1–7

Dec 8 Good works

by: Rev. Mark ten Haaf | Series: Lord's Day
Scripture: Matthew 17:14–21, Romans 6:1–14

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